Acharya Prashanth.V.Kumar

Administrator Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandirs, Art of Living

Acharya Prashanth.V.Kumar Objective: To excel in the spiritual path and achieve the highest purpose of life.
Full time Faculty of The Art of Living from 1994 onwards. (25+years)
Empowered to conduct the following programs by Gurudev:

  1. The Art of Living Happiness Program: An internationally acclaimed entry level spiritual course for stress free and happy living.
  2. Advance Meditation Program: A 4 day residential program which is a journey that takes you back to the source, through deep silence and meditation.
  3. Y.L.T.P: Very intensive 8 days interactive program built to nurture the leadership qualities in the youth to make them self motivated to take leadership of the society.
  4. The Art of Living Yoga Level 1: Entry level Yoga program for the non initiates of Yoga.
  5. The Art of Living Yoga Level 2: An advanced level program in Yoga based on Pathanjali Yoga Sutras. It is a four day residential program which includes a lot of cleansing processes and meditation.
  6. Eternity Process: A process targeted to remove deep-rooted stress through relaxation.
  7. VTP: A complete program of training volunteers and preparing people for Teachers Training Program.
  8. Teacher’s Training Program: A 15 day program of ‘Training the Trainers’ which is the program to create AOL Teachers.
  9. Pranayam Dhyana Shibir: Recharge, Strengthen and Awaken your true potential through simplepostures, breathing techniques, meditation and yogic knowledge.
  10. Bharathiyatha Workshops: Prashantji has created a program called Bharathiyatha where India’s Paramparas (Traditions), Samskaras (Sacraments), Shastras (Sciences) are organized into a workshop. Bharathiyatha is a way of life practiced in this part of the world Bharathavarsha. It is a knowledge assimilated from travelling across the length and breadth of India, living, observing, working and learning with the people of India.
  11. Cooking Well: Prashantji has created a program called Cooking Well, which brings the dimension of nutritious healthy cooking into day to day life. He is also in the process of publishing a book on healthy breakfast recipes.

25++ years of Work Experience with The Art of Living

  1. Director, Centre of Prevention of Diseases and Promotion of Health, The Art of Living.
  2. Director, Living Well Program
  3. Special Advisor STC & VVKI KAB.
  4. State Coordinator, YLTP Karnataka.
  5. Chief Executive – Operations SSRVM Trust from Sep ’08 to Jan ‘10. Responsible for:
      • Compiling and implementation of a master manual including HR, Projects, Marketing,
      • Purchase & Other Operations.
      • Recruitment of people for HR, Marketing, Finance and Franchising.
      • Resolving issues between school committees and Trust, professional colleges and Trust.
      • Taking care of general administration of the trust office, schools and institutions.Putting a brand building process in place for the SSRVM Trust.
  6. Chief Executive Officer VVKI Publications Division (Publications Division of The Art of Living) from Sep ’07 to Aug ’08. Responsible for:
      • Production, Marketing, Sales, Dispatch,Collections and Stocking of Books, CD’s, Cassettes and Periodicals of The Art of Living mainly talks and lectures given by H.H Sri. Ravi Shankar, founder of The Art of Living.
  7. Chief Administrator SSRVM Central Trust Bangalore
  8. He has also learnt and practiced Palmistry, Numerology, Acupuncture, Siddha system of medicine, Magneto therapy, Pranic healing, Sujok acupuncture and Homeopathy.
  9. He has also implemented large scale projects for Watershed management and rain water harvesting, low cost housing, organic farming.
  10. He has implemented projects using Sustainable, Low Cost, Local, Traditional and eco-friendly architecture and civil engineering.
  11. He has conducted workshops on “The concept of Aashta Lakshmi and the cashless economy of Bharat.”
  12. Twice attended “Tanima” the seminar on Indian Architecture and Aesthetic at NIT Calicut.

Highlights of the 25+ years.

    • Organised the Know Diabetes-No Diabetes program at KSLTA Stadium, Bangalore with more than 5000 Participants
    • Organised the Know Diabetes-No Diabetes Walkathon and Free Diabetes Screening Camps with more than 6000 participants
    • Conducted Pranayama Dhyan Shibirs (PDS)for more than 5000 people so far
    • Conducted YLTP Phase I and Phase II for 4000 youth so far.
    • Conducted Teacher’s Training Course for more than 600 people in the Bangalore Ashram
    • Conducted TTC for 100 people in Russia
    • Successfully implemented Tsunami Seva Project in Andaman and Nicobar islands in from December 2004 to June 2005
    • Conducted more than 100 workshops on various aspects of Bharathiyata.
    • Conducted workshops on Bharathiya Shilpa Shastra at Andhra University and Gitam University at Vishakapatnam.
    • Made a data bank of 1000+ artisans across India.
    • Learnt Pottery, Terracotta, Clay Moulding, Bamboo Work, Carpentry, Metal Casting and Handloom weaving.

Work Experience before The Art of Living

  1. Medical Representative: The East India Pharmaceutical Works Limited for 9 years from 1985 to 1994. Responsible for all marketing operations in 3 districts of Karnataka Bangalore South, Hassan and Chikamagalur.
  2. High light of career – brought the Hassan and Chikamagalur market from Rs.2000 per month in 1985 to Rs.2,00,000/- per month in 1994
  3. Was all India no 1 for several products and Karnataka All India no 1 in Rupee-wise sales for the last 2 years of career

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