Balasubramhanya Aka Matturu Subbanna

Balasubramhanya aka Matturu Subbanna, who is popularly known as `Basu Sir’ among his students of Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country, has a teaching experience of about 45 years. His charismatic and commendable service commenced in KVS in the year 1975 in Assam. Basu Sir has served in 8 KVs before he opted for voluntary retirement in 2006 from KV TB Dam Hospet, Karnataka, as a Post Graduate Teacher in English. Students adore their master and mentor as an icon of care, love, friendship and simplicity. The forte of Basu sir was executing co-curricular activities with passion and perseverance. Scores of students have brought accolades to him and the school at National and International events. Even after decades, his students remember him as a `story teller teacher’ as he would invariably teach subjects incorporating the techniques of story narration, be it English, Math or Science. As a result, many of his students are doing very well in their chosen fields today.
Balasubramhanya is more popular as a prolific writer for children in Kannada, under the pseudonym `Matturu Subbanna’. 15 titles have been published till this day. He has won many coveted literary awards for his creative endeavors. As a teacher of KVS, ‘Basu Sir’ has got two times national level awards.
A tool developed by Balasubramhanya, `Story-Acting’ (Kathaabhinaya) is very popular in Karnataka, through which stories are narrated exploring the tenets of theatrical art. `Amshu, Anu and the Robot’ is a popular short novel by the same title in Kannada. This has now been translated into English. Balasubramhanya is at present the Director of Hill Rock National Public School, Nagarabavi, Bangalore.

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