Bharat-Bharati is one of the Samvit modules which focuses on enlightening children with our knowledge practices and great accomplishments in the areas of science, Maths, Arts and Humanities. Bharat-Bharati is graded content linked with class specific subject topics from NCERT curriculum. It provides information, activities, links to online and multimedia digital content for teachers. Teachers are expected to include relevant sections of Bharat-Bharati into their lesson plans. Content is generic and designed to suit the age group. Teachers are free to add more content depending on the school context and interest of children. At the end of each section there are set of activities, it is expected that teachers make it compulsory to complete these activities in the class or as group work. Teachers can also use Bharat-Bharati content for evaluation in class tests

High-lights of Bharat-Bharati Module:

  • Bharat-Bharati content is designed considering relevant knowledge level of children in particular grade
  • Bharat-Bharati content is mapped to NCERT curriculum for Science, Maths & Social science topics and sub-topics. This helps teachers in lesson planning
  • Bharat-Bharati Learning objectives are defined for each topic, this gives clarity to teachers on the expectations from the Bharat-Bharati content
  • Activities are provided for each topic, teachers can use it to enhance effectiveness of learning.

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