Samvit center for education research is a not for profit social organization established in 2017 to integrate knowledge from successful experiments of various institutes and broad base it for large scale implementation.

It all started in 2016 when core team of educationists from eminent institutions and few individual enthusiastic scholars came together to work on proposals for National Education Policy. Recommendations in the areas of Value education, language policy, humanities and teacher education were given to the NEP committee. While working on the policy proposals we learnt that wisdom from many institutes can be integrated to create simple and scalable modules which can be beneficial for large number of schools.

An open education research platform was envisioned to design simple scalable modules based on successful experiments and implement these in large number of schools. Many a times good ideas remain with few people, we at Samvit would like to share these at mass level and scientifically measure the impact of the change. Study reports will be shared with National Education Policy makers to take these large-scale experiments to the next level, Nationally.

Samvit is established as an open platform for scholars, educationists, teachers and researchers where they share, learn, experiment, integrate knowledge with others, evolve and contribute


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