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Katha Bharati is one of the Samvit modules which focuses on seven personality aspects required for positive emotional and social development of children.

Current education system focuses on literacy & intellectual development. It prepares children for livelihood but falls short of preparing them for life. Samvit Katha Bharati module attempts to fill this void. Seven aspects are chosen to blossom personality from within, it starts with understanding self and slowly expands the self to family, society, nation and the nature. This module also emphasizes on key ingredients of Self-Discipline (Anushasan), Courage, Patience & Perseverance required to achieve meaningful goals in life.

  1. Understanding Self
  2. Anushasan, Sanyama, Respect for all
  3. Courage
  4. Patience & Perseverance
  5. Kartavya (Duty towards Family, Society & Nation)
  6. Seva & Sacrifice
  7. Nature Consciousness


” When I heard this story on Dhairya, I felt that I should also be brave and participate in debate. When I told this to my mother and I told the story also, my mother was also very happy. She also told me another story and said that we should always be brave. “

– Anagha, 4th std


” Sirisha tells the stories sweetly at home. She uses pure Kannada language with proper modulations while telling the story. What we are learning from her story is that we have to love and protect animals. Here, mother tells the children to be good and cultivate good habits. It is nice to see that she is getting so much learning from story classes. “

– Parent of 1st Grade child


” The stories classes are going on very well. All the children of all the standards are enthusiastic about these classes. Every week they wait for these classes. They enjoy the stories and also understand the Personality aspects of the stories. They enjoy repeating these stories at home and also hear new stories from their parents and narrate it in the class. Because of these, I am now bonding with the children. Not only this is helping the children but also helping me to grow emotionally and ethically. “

– Teacher


” Poem is to speech what Prose is to the heart’ this quote by our elders holds good for all ages. Prose, especially stories, has the ability of attracting people of all ages, from little children to grand old men. Stories propagate Literature, entertainment, values, personality development, patriotism, culture, traditions, virtues, humility, obedience, Seva for our elders and many such qualities that help the wholesome development of children. Samvit Research Foundation has introduced its Module-‘Katha Bharati’ which delivers all these values and is highly commendable. The stories in this module induce traditional values and inspire children to become responsible citizens of our country. I request the readers to make use of the full potential of this book. “

– Principal, BGS Institutions


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