Current education system in India has lesser focus on emotional, social and psychological development of children. Samvit has designed three modules to strengthen emotional intelligence and to progressively develop all round personality from early childhood to high-school.

Yoga for Schools: Age specific curriculum based on ashtanga yoga knowledge & practices. Yama, Niyama, Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana & Dhyana – foundation for lifelong physical, mental and psychological wellbeing. High-lights of the module are:

    o  Age-specific graded curriculum from class 1 to class 10
    o  Yama-Niyama knowledge through stories and application in life
    o  Description and benefits of Asanas and Pranayama
    o  Activities & teacher’s guide to make classes more interesting & effective
    o  Science of Yoga & Guidance on Yogic life for achieving higher goals in life

Stories for Life: Focus on strengthen Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through stories. Seven aspects of personality required for positive emotional and social development of children are developed progressively from class 1 to class 10. it starts with understanding self and slowly expands the self to family, society, nation and the nature. This module also emphasizes on key ingredients of Self-Discipline (Anushasan), Courage, Seva, Sacrifice, Patience & Perseverance required to achieve meaningful goals in life. High-lights of this module are:

    o  Progressive development of each aspect from class 1 to class 10
    o  Age specific effective methodology for maximizing impact
    o  Stories, group activities, social impact videos, discussions and self-experience

Pride of India: Key objective of this module is to make children proud about being Bharatiya. This module has:

    o  Separate booklet for each class giving verified and validated additional information related to the NCERT curriculum topics
    o  Accomplishments in the field of science, Maths, Humanities and Arts.
    o  Life stories of eminent scientists and scholars – 10 per class, relevant to the curriculum topics
    o  Teachers share Pride of India content along with syllabus topics and ask children to work on activities given in the book
    o  Links to Videos and Digital resources are provided for additional reading