Utsava Bharati (Events at School)

Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate our glorious heritage, culture and traditions. Samvit Research foundation would like to honor these long-lived traditions for its apparent benefits.

All festivals are cultural in one way or another. There are many types of cultural festivals such as National, Religious and Seasonal. They all serve the purpose of bringing happiness to our lives, and strengthen our sense of community.

Under Samvit Utsava Bharati, these Indian festivals will be conducted in an organized and uniform format in all schools. Children will be familiarized with the local traditions and legends related with the festival by participating in the traditional and fascinating activities related to it.

Celebrating festivals is a great way of teaching children about Indian culture. Knowing more about why a festival is celebrated, what its significance is, and why we started celebrating it in the first place, can help children understand the importance and significance of each festival, and it can also be a great way to impart values to the children.

Involving our children in the decoration process, like rangoli decoration, or making the special festive food is a very effective way of bonding them with our culture. By celebrating festivals together we can instill the right values in children. Festivals are the result of our Time-honoured traditional believes and this will help our Children to learn more about their ancestor’s culture, values and traditions. By this, they will also feel connected to their roots.

Another advantage of celebrating festivals with children is that it makes them realise the importance of team work which is very significant for any successful endeavor. It also creates memories for them to cherish forever.
In order to provide a comprehensive reference tool for the schools, the way in which the most important festivals are observed at the schools are given in this website. Schools can adopt this.







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