Annapoorna Krishnamurthy

Former Prof of Psychology

Annapoorna Krishnamurthy is a graduate in Psychology. Fondly called as Annapoorna Akka, she has worked as Child Development & Pre-school Instructor in Anganwadi Workers’ Training Centre at Shivamogga for 15 years. After taking voluntary retirement, she worked as a Nursery Coordinator at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Shivamogga Branch, as Conciliator at Family Court at Shivamogga and as a resource person and a member of Shishu Shikshana Vibhaga. She has written many articles on child development, child education and medium of instruction in primary schools. These have been published in many magazines. She also conducts workshops on child education for nursery teachers in different educational institutions.

She has been Mentor for the Stories for Life Module of Samvit Research Foundation, Bengaluru.

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