Dr. Ramachandra G. Bhat Kotemane



Dr. Ramachandra G. Bhat is a much accomplished personality. He has an MA and a PhD in Sanskrit. He is a Vidwan in Vedanta and Nyaya Darshanas. He has graduated in English, Economics and History, and also has a Bed in Hindi.Having a teaching experience of 38 years and a research experience of 15 years, his passion is Yoga and the Gurukul system. These are reflected in the fact that he is the Vice-chancellor of the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Sansthana and Director of Veda Vijnana Gurkulam , Chennanahalli. He has been the Principal of the Gurukul for the past 12 years.

He firmly believes that the gurukul system of education is the best to inculcate a good value system in young minds and also for physical and mental development. He has written two papers published in the International Journal of Yoga related to this subject. He has also published six books and CDs on related topics. One on Veda Based Ecology has been published by Sanskrita Bharati and is available at their stall downstairs.

Dr. Bhat is also a member of the Doctoral Committee of Tumkur University and of the Central Advisory Committee of the Children University of Gujarat.

Among his many accomplishments, he has also been a Spiritual Guide for the School of Philosophy of Dublin and Ireland. Among the many honors conferred on him, some are:

  • Bhavabhuti Puraskara by Madhya Pradesh Govt in 2006
  • Vidya Varidhi by Vaps Technosoft, Bangalore, in 2003
  • Wami Gangeshwaranandji Award by Samshodhana, Sirsi in 2006
  • Doctor of Literature Award from Tumakuru University for Submitting the Thes is Entitled by “Veda Vijnana Paramyam”, 2013.

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