Foundation Level Text Books

Samvit Viveka Sindhu textbooks series focus on learning through experience rather than providing mere information and dry facts. This helps children in internalizing the concepts and developing independent thinking. Concepts are explained through examples from daily life, which children can relate to. Learning from the lessons is extended through probing questions, critical dialogues and research projects. As emphasized in NEP, the rich heritage
of eternal Indian knowledge is introduced in the books. Through this, our children will become familiar with our roots, knowledge tradition, art and architecture, the treasure trove of literature and eminent personalities who shaped the destiny of our Nation.

Samvit “Viveka Sindhu” book series consists of three types of resources for students and a comprehensive handbook for teachers. The Course Book is the main text for learning in classroom. Additional information, advanced learning and related information are given in the Supplementary Reader. Activities, exercises, questions, problems and projects are given in the Workbook for practice to reinforce concept understanding.

Pre-School Books

1st Standard Books

2nd Standard Books

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